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Pushing the Limits
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Let me be clear: I honestly hate reading Contemporary/Chick-Lit novels, I do. I don't like the real world, so I drown in paranormal because it's another world: vampires, ghosts, magic, wizards and witches, giants, etc. I usually stay away from genres like this due to the fact that it's realistic-fiction. Do you understand what I'm trying to say? So I didn't have high hopes for this despite the average user rating... I'm so glad I was proved wrong. Pushing the Limits was amazing.

Have you ever had that controlling parent telling you how to live your life when you desperately want to live it your way, but you're afraid of disappointing them so you reluctantly do what you're told? Have you ever been through a horrible situation in that past that's affected your memory to this day and you can't remember what happened though you're clawing at it -- trying to remember? You're not alone. Echo Emerson is going through that situation. To add on to this stressful matter, she has scars -- scars that sends whispers around the school, scars that makes her seem as though she's crazy. They think she did that herself, but they don't know the story... It was done to her and she's trying to remember. She feels alone and unloved, and that's when our knight in shining armour, Noah Hutchins, enters the story.

Noah can related to Echo. He lost his parents and he's fighting for custody over his little brothers. He feels they're the only thing he has in the world and without them, he's alone. But how can he approach Echo Emerson? He's the boys your dad tells you to stay away from, he's the stoner that uses girls for a night and leaves.... I just love Pushing the Limits, though it's the bad boy falls in love with good girl premise, I still enjoyed it. Our main characters are broken and shattered; when they're together, they become one (oh god, that was cheesy, *shakes... my... head*).

I loved both Noah and Echo, not together, but as two separate people. They both have these different personality traits that I just loved. Though Beth and Isaiah (Noah's best friends/foster siblings) had very small rolls to play in this book, I'm definitely interested in reading their story. I really liked them and how much they were down for Noah. I really recommend Pushing the Limits, that is, if you're tired of the whole bad-boy-falls-in-love-with-good-girl cliched premise, then I'm sorry to say this book isn't for you.
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