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This is some serious horror and voodoo!
(Updated: April 29, 2013)
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Creepy yes but tolerable. Thanks to magic of spells part
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Wow. I’m impressed! This has been a great terrifying experience of legacy, family, friendship, and love all in one. Cas + Anna + Thomas + Morfran = some serious voodoo:

While there’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer for vampires and Ghostbusters for ghosts (in a funny way) then there’s Cas (Cassius Lowood) for serious ghost hunting and killing, only 17 y/o but continues the legacy of his father after his father’s death from a ghost murder.

You might think what the heck? Can a ghost kill? Unfortunately I do believe bad souls might kill even in reality through hallucinations and accidents that will eventually happen to people because of their fears. I may not be so sure if there are ghost hunters ever around the world but this story felt so real despite the creepiness because of the stories behind the ghosts, their death and why they revenged so much that made them take other people’s lives. But then again, the ghosts lingering around and doing that is never right and that’s the reason Cas is here to defeat them.

Cas was only 7 years old when his father died and since then, he made the decision to take over and even hunt more ghosts than his father did to prove the ghosts that he’s come to be their better enemy.

Anna Dressed In Blood is written in first person where Cas narrates the whole thing. His points of view are almost all agreeable and I felt both his anger and grief of hunting ghosts for the sake of his dad and the rest of living.

Cas kills the vengeful ghosts through his father’s athame (a magical knife with spells to kill these ghosts and send them outside the earth) – I know killing souls seemed weird but I was touched by the way Cas fearlessly slayed numerous of ghosts to stop them from killing more innocent people. Cas cares for humanity and the last thing he’ll expect himself to suffer is seeing his own mother die from these ghosts and he’ll never let that happen. I loved his integrity of having to sacrifice friends and building relationships because of this job and I’m sure wherever his father is, he made him proud.
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