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This was such a a sweet story. The cover is gorgeous. It is a book about facing your past and finding away to move forward. I have to say for a lot of this book I was very frustrated with the main character Anna. I really wanted her to open up to someone about her past and what happened to mother. I was so happy when she finally did.

While I am a huge fan of stories with a large love element to them this didn't really have that as much as I would have liked. However I really didn't find myself missing it which is odd for me. There is a love interest for Anna in Tyler but it really doesn't consume all the pages of the book which I actually found refreshing This is really all about Anna facing what happened to her mother and learning about her past.

Beach settings are some of my favorites. This story made me want to head out to the beach and search for sea glass/ moonglass. I have never found any and I think next time I find myself down at the beach I will be hunting for it.

The thing I liked most about this novel was the relationships Anna made throughout the book. Each of the new friends she makes help Anna with her past in their own way. There is Jillian and "the crawler" who both share a similar loss with Anna and the fact that they all blame themselves for that loss. There is also Ashley who really couldn't be more opposite of Anna if she tried. I loved how Anna's relationship with her father is a bit strained in the beginning but strengthens as the story goes on.

While Moonglass deals with grief and different ways people cope. It is also a very relaxing read with not too much drama going on between the characters It was a beautiful story. This is the first book I have read by Jessi Kirby and I cannot wait to sink into the next one. If you like Sarah Dessen you will love Jessi Kirby. Happy reading!

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