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Torn picks up right where Switched left off: Wendy has just returned to her brother after running from her mother and her title. But she’s not home for long before trouble finds her. Soon enough she’s attacked and wakes up in a Vittra dungeon, but then she has a meeting with the king who has a bit of a surprise for her. From this point on Wendy has a lot of decisions to make regarding her future and the future of her people.

Wendy truly is torn in this book. She’s torn over her sense of duty versus love. She’s dealing with a lot more than she was in the previous book, and a lot more is riding on her shoulders. As a result she must learn more about Trylle and Vittra history, and develop and control her powers. I really enjoyed reading more about the troll world, and what kind of powers Wendy has yet to come into fully. It was also interesting to watch Wendy go from a carefree teen to a reluctant princess and finally to a dutiful Queen in training. We also get to see a new side of Elora, which made me hate her less, and made her feel more real. I also started feeling sorry for her, which I wasn’t expecting. In fact, there’s quite a few things I wasn’t expecting in this book, and that just made it that much more enjoyable.

I enjoyed this one even more than the first book. I loved learning more about the different trolls, but I especially loved Loki. He’s incredibly handsome and charming, and I’m just drawn to him much like Wendy is. I can’t figure out if he truly feels like they have a connection or if he has an unknown agenda. Either way, I hope to see him again in the next book, and I cannot wait to see how this trilogy ends!
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