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I really enjoyed The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith. I was excited to read This Is What Happy Looks Like and see what characters and story Smith was going to bring us. This is What Happy Looks Like is an adorable contemporary about two teens who meet by chance via wayward email. Of course, small town Ellie doesn't realize that this mysterious stranger she is crushing on by email is the famous movie-star that just happens to be filming a movie in her town.

I really enjoyed the idea behind This Is What Happy Looks Like. The chance email meeting, the movie star/normal girl love interest, the problems and hilarity that is sure to come with that. I think Jennifer E. Smith did a really great job of portraying the characters and how this teen movie star would feel. His quick rise to fame, and it's effect on him, and how no one ever sees the "real" him. While I had to suspend belief on some things, it was a charming story.

I really liked Ellie's character. She is spunky and witty. The email correspondences between her and and Graham were full of fun and hilarious things. Graham is a win for me just for having a pig named Wilbur and a burning desire to find a Whoopie Pie. How is that not a winning guy???

While This Is What Happy Looks Like was a delightful read, I do think it is one that will fall off my radar rather quickly. At over 400 pages it was a little long for a quick beach or summer read, although it did seem to read quickly. There was nothing about it, or the characters, that seemed to really pop enough that I think This Is What Happy Looks Like is going to be making a lasting impression on me.
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April 17, 2013
I really liked how you pointed out what you didnt like as well as what you did.
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