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Just to clear up the confusion, Level 2 and The Memory After are the same book.

Now onto the review.
This was possibly the most confusing, yet most interesting book I've ever read. I started reading it today, and I just couldn't put it down.
The Characters: I really don't know how I feel about the characters. The main character was interesting, but I won't lie and say I connected with her. Felicia is clearly in love with her boyfriend, so I don't know what the purpose of the other love interest was. Felicia's parents were not my favorite. Her mom seemed like the typical, "I'm not going to really write this character so she's going to be absent all of the time" adult figure.
The plot was really confusing at times. Since the book is kind of futuristic and it deals with the afterlife, there's obviously going to have to be a lot of explaining for some parts. But I read a couple of things and was literally thinking "wait, what?" But, the author was very good at writing those questions that make the reader question if everything they've read has been a lie. Which is good and bad. That kind of writing made the book suspenseful and more thrill-like.
Would I recommend it? Depends. The book was good, and I don't feel like I've wasted my time, but it was definitely...different.
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