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Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game is an amazing science fiction book! Ender is very unique. The setting is amazing, and I love the story in this book. The character that I see as very unique, is Ender. He is a boy who was monitored all of his life, and now in the year 2057, he is being bullied a lot because of it. One day, a bully gets in a fight with with Ender and Ender crushes the bully. Both of them have no idea how that was possible. When Ender gets home, the government is at his house and they ask to take away Ender for space boot camp to fight in the space wars. Will Ender succeed or will he fail? The setting in this story is more than the mind can see. Most of the book takes place in outer space in a boot camp with a bunch of tough bullies that float around picking on Ender. The dorms are huge and I think the author does an awesome job describing that. The battle arena is an indoor 500 acre field where they practice with laser tag! That is why I love this setting. I love this story, because it is about a boy who is being bullied and finally sticks up for himself. Then, Ender gets to go to outer space and train in boot camp and train for war against the spacenauts. Will Ender survive against the bullies and enemies? My favorite part was when Ender was failing while getting used to no gravity.

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Description of the characters and setting, language makes it interesting,
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