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(Updated: April 11, 2013)
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This is a funny book based and a young girl in high school who would love to try out for her school play but she thinks she does not have the talent. Instead, she is a set designer and helps put on the production. Callie comes up with some crazy ideas for the play, Moon over Mississippi. Some of Callie's own problems get in the way of the school play. There is some trouble on set and some unexpected characters end up in the play. This book has love, adventure, and some technical difficulties and lots of DRAMA of course.

Although I liked the book it was hard to tell which character was which because there were so many. But other than that I thought it was good and it had a very different ending that was not what I had thought. It did get boring at some spots, but it was interesting because I have never done anything like set designer. So to me the book was great over all. I would recommend it to grades probably 4-8. Callie is the maine character in the book and there are many other to. I would also recommend that if you want a lot of characters in the book and you like theater than this is the book for you!
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