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had good characters and very suspenseful
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A mysterious thriller that takes place in top secret investigation.

There was this kid named Alex Rider he lived with his uncle and a maid. His uncle died in a car accident. Alex gets a little suspicious when he sees bullet holes in his uncles car.

Alex goes on an adventure to investigate his uncles death. He ends up in his office but the door was locked. Alex goes into the next office and sees that the only way over there is to swing from a flag pole and jump into his office. That is one crazy dude! When he got into the office Alex was rifling through all of his uncles files. Alex puled one file out and it said Top Secret on the cover. Alex quickly opened it up and it said that his uncle was a top secret agent for MI6. Alex was shocked.

He called the agency and they let alex be a secret spy. he had to finish the mission that the uncle started it was to destroy this computer. Will he destroy it or will he get killed find out in the book StormBreaker.

The book was really detailed and had a lot of cliff hangers it was a well thought out book. The way all the scenes went together. I would recommend the book to young adults that love action and thriller books plus a lot of suspense.HX
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