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My feelings for Requiem are mixed. It’s been months since I read it, and I’m still not sure how I feel. I put down Requiem and felt satisfied. I was content with the ending – I’m a firm believer that there was no perfect way to end this series and I think Lauren Oliver did a good job with the ending.

But I just wasn’t able to get the same emotion out of Requiem that I did out of Delirium and Pandemonium. I was sobbing – legit straight up sobs – while reading the first two books and I had essentially no reaction to Requiem at all. That could totally be my own problem, but it kind of lessened my enjoyment of it.

Overall, I was satisfied with the ending to the series and I’ll definitely be rereading all three books in the future, but I still wish I had gotten more feeling from Requiem.
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