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Okay, I seriously loved The Art of Wishing by Lindsay Ribar. It was cute and fun, but also engaging and very tense, especially towards the end.

I liked Margo. I really, really liked her. She was exactly the kind of protagonist I hope for when it comes to paranormal YA like this - strong and real. She still had some growth to accomplish, but she was relatable and believable and she didn't swoon over 200 year old vampires.

Freaking Oliver, you guys. All the swoons. I don't know what it was about him - maybe Lindsay Ribar just writes kissing scenes really well (hint, she does) - but I just loved him. So, basically, the romance in this paranormal romance is really well done and there is kissing scenes aplenty.

I haven't read any genie stories, although I do know there's some coming out later this year next, but I loved the way Lindsay Ribar incorporated the mythology into The Art of Wishing. She made it her own very well, but still had that homage to the kinds of genies we always think of.

And you guys, there are some intense moments in the plot of The Art of Wishing. There's bad guys and knife fights and impersonations and it's all pretty awesome. I spent was pretty frustrated because I kept thinking of a billion wishes Margo could have made to solve everyone's problems, but Lindsay Ribar's genies have limitations, so it was pretty cool that they couldn't just wish their problems away so easily.

I didn't realize The Art of Wishing would be a series, but I am totally happy to spend more time with Oliver, so no complaints here!

If you're looking for a paranormal YA that's a breath of fresh air to the genre, I definitely recommend picking up The Art of Wishing by Lindsay Ribar. I was giddy and swoony throughout, but definitely still had those moments of "oh my god what's going to happen" - I just enjoyed The Art of Wishing immensely.

Especially the kissing scenes.
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November 10, 2013
I never would've pegged this book as one to have knife fights. Interesting.
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