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Wait, what? Why does Underworld start off with Pierce saying how in love with John she is? When did that happen? There were no declarations of love from her at the end of Abandon! Now they’re talking about marriage, sex, and cohabitation? And how she could “never hate him,” yet he’s tricked her into staying in the Underworld with him forever? No. Just no. The previous book only covered two days! Two whole days in which she had ONE full conversation with him ! Then she spends all of Underworld referring to him as her boyfriend, which felt awkward since he’s 184 years old; not really a boy.

Much like the previous book, Underworld has a very small time frame in which the story is happening. This time it’s basically reduced to one day, but at least it’s an eventful day. Pierce starts out in the castle that is to be her home in the Underworld, but events bring her back to the land of the living where she’s being stalked by Furies. Then she and John are running all over the island, then back to the Underworld, then back to the cemetery.

At least there’s a plot this time. Aside from Pierce being hunted by Furies who want to torture her for all eternity in order to torture John, her cousin, Alex, has gotten himself into a bind. Or so Pierce thinks. She’s risking her life to save her cousin, who is really not that likeable, from being on the wrong side of a high school prank. If I was at risk of eternal torture, I wouldn’t give a crap about some stupid high school traditions that my stupid cousin got himself tangled in. Then there’s something about drugs and what not, and it was stupid. Get back to the Furies!

I did like Underworld better than Abandon, but that’s not really saying much. Both books are pretty bad. It’s basically the most extreme case of insta-love and undying devotion I have ever read. Pierce goes from “let’s take it slow” to having sex in less than 24 hours, and she never gets mad at John for any of his lies and manipulations. What is this relationship even based on?! However, I’ve come his far so I might as well read the final book to see where this mess is going.
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