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I did read this one before I picked up Boundless, but I decided to review it after I read it, so I could comment on their tie-in. Well, it’s not essential to read this first, but I do still think it would be good to do it anyway. Radiant follows Clara and Angela during their Summer in Italy. Secrets come out, intentionally and by accident. I had already figured out Angela’s secret, involving her mysterious Italian boyfriend, but I was shocked when she let one of Clara’s secrets slip. I had a feeling that was going to play a pivotal role in the final book, and it kind of did.

My favorite part of this novella was getting into Angela’s head. She’s always been a little mysterious, so it was interesting to see things from her perspective. She’s been preaching “No secrets in Angel Club,” and yet she’s harboring the biggest secret of all, and it has some major consequences which we get in Boundless. Angela plays a much larger role than she has in the past, and this trip to Italy is only the beginning.

There’s references to this Summer early on in Boundless, but it’s nothing that will have you scratching your head in confusion. Details are revealed as necessary, so you could get away with skipping this novella. However, I liked knowing exactly what happened and seeing how it affects Clara and Angela’s first year at Stanford as well as the rest of their lives. It’s definitely a worthy read for all Unearthly fans.
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