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Boundless is the much anticipated finale to the Unearthly series, and it mostly doesn’t disappoint. Clara, Angela, and Christian have all started their first year at Stanford where Angela’s vision has led them. Little do they know just how dangerous her vision turns out to be, and how little of it actually takes place on campus. Things almost immediately get really intense, and I don’t mean their course loads! Angela finds herself in a predicament that will change all of their lives forever.

As I said in my review for Radiant, Angela’s role is definitely larger. I loved seeing more of her, even though she’s not her usual upbeat, snarky self. She has some huge life changes coming up, and I could only hope that it ended well for her. Of course, there is a happy ending, but it takes a lot of pain and struggle to get there even with the help of her two best friends.

Clara is continuing to rework her sense of identity throughout Boundless from learning to live without her mom, choosing a major and career path, and reevaluating her purpose. It turns out that is has nothing to do with what she original thought, and I enjoyed that twist. It was definitely unexpected, but it made sense given everything that has happened. She also grows as a person and comes into her angelic powers. I really enjoyed learning more about all she can do, despite not being the biggest angel fan.

The romance takes a back seat to the action in this one. You may think that Clara and Christian will be all over each other now that they’re in college together, but nope. Everything keeps getting in the way of their budding romance, and then of course, there’s Tucker. Clara is obviously not over him, much to Christians disappointment. I think the author did an amazing job with the love triangle. It didn’t dominate the larger plot, and it felt natural, not forced.

All in all, I really enjoyed this ending to the series. I did get teary eyed near the end, but it didn’t bring the water works like Hallowed did. I also found some of the resolutions a little cheesy and convenient. I was hoping for a heart stopping finish, but things were a little too neatly tied up. The epilogue was really cute though, and even though it was a little disappointing, I think it was the right ending.
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