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Just another review with the word ‘phony’ in it…

The whole story was nothing like what I expected. Honestly, when I saw the cover, I thought it was going to be about a knight, a prince, or whatever saving a princess because of the horse. Lol, my prediction was way off. So when I read the first chapter, I was like WHAT IS THIS?! Where’s the ONCE UPON A TIME?

Truth is, I don’t know what to write in this review (I’m being honest, don’t call me a PHONY, Holden! haha). All I had in my mind when I was reading it was Holden makes a good point about phony people and all. I admit, I can be a phony sometimes to other people just because the truth hurts and so you just say nice things. Also, when you have a visitor, you have to entertain them even if you’re not in the mood. Does that count as being phony? Let’s look it up.

Phony: (adj) not honest or truthful; deceptive

Everyone’s a phony. If you’re lying then you are a phony, including you Holden! You were thinking about moving to the West and planning out your life that is too good to be true. You were actually thinking on living in a PHONY life yourself! What I am saying is, Holden is choosing a life that’s fake, pretending to be a mute, deaf. How ironic, that he finds people phony while he’s actually thinking about living in a phony life himself (but I guess he was unaware of it). Those are just my thoughts while reading the last couple of chapters.

I really enjoyed the book though. There were helluvalot funny moments! But our guy here said ‘old’ too much! “Old Ackley, old Phoebe, old this old that.”

I feel like I’m being so random in this review, probably because the story’s like that (well, to me it was). For me the story was like: HEY WHAT’S UP, I AM OLD HOLDEN, I HATE PHONIES (BOY IT KILLS ME) AND I’M GOING TO TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE CHRISTMAS! THE END. It was like a “hi, bye” thing to me.

I felt attached to the main character and I actually felt like I was there, but I wouldn’t read it again (just because I thought it took forever to finish it).
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