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While reading this book, I could not think of anything but SADNESS! Come on, you HAVE to pay in order to breathe? You’re basically paying to live! This book was just sad, yet I enjoyed it. In Breathe, we have three protagonists – Alina, Quinn and Bea. It’s written in 1st person point of view and it switches to each of those characters. The book is divided into four parts and as you read, the more interesting it got.

Alina is part of the resistance group which is those who opposes Breathe – the company that manufactures oxygen and you basically pay them to have oxygen a.k.a the bad guys. She is such a kick ass heroine but not my favorite character. There is a love interest in this book but there is also a twist in it which some of you may like or might find annoying and want to slap the guy a.k.a Quinn. This boy, he was an “alright” leading male. I didn’t really feel anything for him. The character that I felt for the most was Bea. She’s the one who changed the most in this novel. At first I didn’t like her but then as the story went on, I was surprised that I was liking her character more than the others.

I really enjoyed reading Breathe. It was such a fresh read and a great concept to write about. It’s not just a story; I think it gives the readers something to think about especially because today hundreds of trees are being cut down. I love how the beginning left me intrigued and the ending was just action packed. The only “ehh” part is I wasn’t really attached to the characters excluding Bea. There were also some inconsistencies, but if I point it out it would be a spoiler. You’ll see. Overall I recommend it to those who wants to read something new and to young adult lovers!
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