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Wow, this book is amazing! Another favorite book of mine from the classics genre. If you ignored to read the summary (like me hehe) then you will think that it’s about animals who are being punished, used as slaves, and pushed-around by humans. Well, there is much more to that. It is actually a fable. It not only reflects to the previous wars in our history, but what the world is right now. This book is so powerful and sends out a message to the human race.

What exactly is the message? To start off, the story takes place in a farm, the Manor Farm to be exact. It is owned by Mr. Jones and he runs the farm with the help of his animals (which he treats cruelly). There was actually a point that he forgets to feed the animals for a day (I think he was just too lazy). Anyways, one of the animals, Old Major (a pig) had a dream and convinced his fellow comrades to overthrow Mr. Jones and rebel. The animals decided that all humans were their enemy and all animals were to be treated with respect and equality. The rebel was a success, but as time passes by, a lot of things changes, especially with the pigs. The rest of the animals were afraid to speak out what they desired and they let themselves be pushed to work in the labor.

To me, that is one of the message that Orwell is trying to give his audience; to make your voice heard and to not be afraid to speak up for others when they are right. Other lessons that I learned from this book are: to choose wisely, not believe in rumors, to strive your best, be confident with your goals and so much more. I will not say my reasons because I would just spoil the book for you. If you read it, you’ll understand what I mean, I promise.

Besides the message, you could totally see that as you read further in the book, there are a lot of character changes and development. Plus, Animal Farm is full of surprises. I was unaware of the events that would happen next and that’s one of the few things I look for in a book. I love making predictions, but most of the time (for this book) I was wrong and it left me surprised and amazed!

This book is really strong and I definitely recommend it to anyone. Even if it is less than 200 pgs. it’s filled with events that will tempt you to keep turning the page. Animal Farm is an easy read and took me only 4 days to read it (I could’ve read it in a more faster pace but I was watching the Olympics haha!) Clap clap clap for George Orwell!
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