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Convinced by Amy, Elder has taken off the Phydus in Godspeed’s system. This book is about Elder ruling without the drug, a LOT of twist, secrets, and shocking revelations. This book is a drug!

Aw man. Beth Revis has done it again. Seriously. I don’t know why you wouldn’t LOVE this book. It has everything! Just like the first book, from the moment you read the first page, the book will have you hooked on. Especially when the mystery stuff was thrown in there. OH MY GOSH. When you read A Million Suns, make sure you’re free because it will be really hard to take your eyes off of the book. What I also loved about this is it’s not just a story, I was surprised that it made me think about something. It had a connection with the real world even though it’s a ya science fiction book. It reminded me of us – people. How the people acted in Godspeed were so much like us. It made me say “wow that’s definitely how we are, and it’s sad.”

Another thing that I loved about it is that our main characters, Elder and Amy, matured and changed. Elder was definitely the one who changed a lot since Eldest is gone. He had to take on the role of Eldest and in this book, he realizes whether or not he fits in the role of being the Eldest in the ship. The other thing that I seriously loved about this book is when Orion ‘gives’ Amy clues about the “secret” of the ship. HOLY FREXING FREX. That’s like the best part of the book. No, that IS the best part of the book. It made me feel nervous, tensed, and excited! I still can’t get over it!

If you’re looking for a sci-fi book with a lot of mystery, adventure, and excitement, well I suggest you X out of my blog and read this book right now. ;) Just kidding. Really though, I recommend this trilogy to everyone, even to animals, trees, cells, houses, and whatever is on this planet. One more thing, I love how this book is as good as the first one. No disappointments at all! 5 frexing stars, no doubt.
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So many mystery that will leave you turning the page.
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