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Yes it’s your typical ya dystopian where a new set of rules exists and world is in chaos. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. Article 5 is about Ember, a 17 year old, who’s mother was taken by the MM (the soldiers) because she has violated an article. Which article you ask? Why, article 5 of course. What’s shocking though is the soldier who took her mother is none other than her best friend/lover/hot/sexy Chase Jennings. That’s what intrigued me and got me turning the pages. Why the heck did Chase do that to his own best friend’s mother?

This book is written in 1st person point of view of Ember. For me, the second half of the book was more intense and interesting compared to the first half. What I really loved about this book, other than Chase, is the love interest between him and Ember! Instead of the girl playing hard to get and mysterious, it was the guy! At the beginning you will be like “what the heck is this guy’s problem!” and then towards the middle you’ll be left “awww”-ing.

The writing style was good and I could picture everything easily. I had no problems with the characters and liked all of them. You could see how Ember’s and Chase’s character and relationship changed since the beginning which is really important in a book. I enjoyed the little flashbacks that the author threw in of when Chase haven’t joined the military. You could really tell how the military took effect on him.

The only thing I was kind of “ehh” about is that more twist and surprises could’ve been added. Two thumbs up to the romance though. Overall I recommend this book to everyone especially to those who love dystopian books.
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The romance
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