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I highly recommend this book and if you love it--you will want to read her first novel "Always and Forever".
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Karla J. Nellenbach has a gift for taking life's hardest issues and building a beautiful, emotion evoking, heartbreaking, victorious and Raw story around them. To lose a loved one is never easy, not at any age--but to lose your twin (your bff in life)your senior year in high school is tragic. Hannah and Hope had big plans for their senior year and their best April Fools Day prank yet. Hanna's world falls away around her when Hope takes her life. Hannah slowly withers away from the loss of her sister and best friend. She writes in her journal every day, talking to Hope. She searches for answers, an explanation...anything that will help her to understand why Hope took her life when she had everything to live for. Fortunately, Hannah has a live wire friend that takes on the challenge of bringing Hannah back from the dead-reminding her that she did not die. She drags Hannah to all of the things she would have done with Hope--and succeeds in many ways. --And then there is the romance and what a sweet romance it is!! Hannah finds comfort in the arms of her first love. I don't want to give away too much, but I will say that Kleenex is a must....and you will find yourself experiencing all of the emotions along with Hannah! I seriously felt like I was watching a really great film! I think this has the potential to be on the big screen!!! Great Characters, Great Plot...the right amount of romance and an ending that is sure to have you on your feet clapping with tears running down your cheeks!
Brilliant! Karla J. Nellenbach's first novel "Always and Forever" is amazing too!
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