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First I just want to say that this review contains major spoilers

The book Watchers, by Dean Koontz is a fantastic book that everyone should read. People should read it because it has a good theme, is impossible to put down, and it has a little something for everyone, like romance, action, horror, suspense, sci-fi, and even comedy.
In this book, Travis Cornell, ( the narrator) is an extremely depressed man who has been unsuccessful in life since multiple great tragedies that have been bestowed upon him. At the start of the novel, You meet Travis on a hike through the woods, contemplating his life. Then all of a sudden, an extremely frightened golden retriever appears and insists that Travis leaves the area immediately. They safely return to Travis' car and Travis drives away taking the dog with him. The dog's anxiety gradually lessens as they drive, but never disappears. later in the story, several incidents cause Travis to realize that the dog is actually very intelligent, and the dog (named Einstein by Travis) tries to convince Travis to focus on something other than himself. Then, by chance, they meet Nora Devon, a withdrawn and very shy woman who is saved by Einstein from a stalker. However, this story is much more complex and sinister than a simple boy meets girl romance novel.
This book is a great read because it has very deep themes. I believe that the most reoccurring themes of the novel are loneliness and despair. In the beginning of the novel Travis is convinced that anyone and everyone that he cares about is going to die. Travis's brother dies when he is very young in a tragic accident, then Travis' father dies in a car accident while taking Travis to tennis camp. Soon after, Travis joins the military and becomes a member of the elite Delta Force. As a member of this highly trained military group, Travis goes into a battle with his squad and is the only survivor. Again Travis feels that he is cursed. Finally, when his wife dies less than a year after their wedding, Travis is convinced of his curse and swears to never enter another relationship. Second, it is hard to put down because the theme is so good and the fact that it is suspenseful to the very end. After the first three pages, you already need to know what happens next and don't want to stop reading. Finally, this book has a little something for everyone. Nora and Travis fall in love, creating a romance. Throughout the story a monster called the outsider chases them causing suspense, action, and horror. Einstein the dog is a result of genetic manipulation which is the sci-fi. Finally, their are funny jokes and exchanges between Travis and Einstein which shows comedy.
My favorite character in the novel was Einstein. It was interesting to have a lead character as an animal. Einstein was a golden retriever who had been genetically enhanced to be intelligent. I enjoyed the different ways he demonstrated intelligence like his sense of humor, which you wouldn't expect from a dog. There were many instances where Einstein was sarcastic or humorous with Travis. For example, late in the book, when Travis meant Nora, Einstein wanted them to get married. He would constantly hand them bridal magazines and other embarrassing items to make his intentions known.

My favorite quote in this book is "One day they will be everywhere." (Pg.603 D.K.) because it is basically the epilogue in the way that it shows that someday there will be intelligent dogs like Einstein everywhere. It also shows how much Einstein cares about his family and their future.
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