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Loved it even more than the 1st. Perfection. Lots of character growth, swoon moments and heartache.
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So, I couldn't be happy until I bought and started this book. I was going to wait to get it from the library, so I tried to read 3 other books, and wasn't feeling it. So I put myself out of my misery and bought it.
Then I read the summary, and I knew that more heartache and trouble were in store for Aria and Perry, but I just had to see more of their romance and find out what happens next. The characters did not let me down, they continued to be amazing and blow me away. I couldn't stop thinking about them and this world. Every time I had to put down the book I was thinking about Aria and Perry and Roar in the back of my mind and this beautiful but dark and treacherous world that Ms. Rossi has created.
There were times that I wanted to cry, and I couldn't believe the obstacles and heart ache that happened. There were others that made me smile and still others that made me want to fan myself. Or possibly zap myself into Aria's shoes so I am there with Perry. There were other moments that I wanted to smack some sense into them because of the choices, or almost VERY bad decisions made. But luckily my rage wasn't waranted at the specific moment where I was ready to give up on my book boyfriend.
Here is an example of the swoon worthiness:
Perry’s hand settled on her hip, his grip firm. She felt their kiss shift into something deeper as his mouth moved with more urgency over hers. Suddenly there was real heat between them, and she had to force herself to draw away.
When she did, a soft curse slipped through Perry’s lips. His eyes were half-lidded, unfocused. He looked as overcome as she felt.
Aria leaned by his ear. “We’ll pick that up when we’re alone.
He laughed. “That better be soon.”
Yeah. Hose me down now. But I digress.
The twists were amazing, and I was shocked that the unlikely alliance that formed, and also very glad to see the return of some of the characters that I liked a lot but wasn't sure I would see again after the end of the first book.
The depth of the characters just really amazes me. They are so complex and they really found a way into my heart. I learned so much more about Perry in this one, and it was such a joy to be in his head. It was difficult watching him grow into the position of Blood Lord, but it was worth every minute.
I just loved the devotion and loyalty in this book. The measures that Aria and Perry would not only take for each other but their friends such as Roar and Cinder, and the people that they are connected to by leadership, family, or place they grew up.
And while I loved Roar in the first book, he has gone to a whole other level in this one. He never fails to bring a smile to my face, but knowing he is in so much pain makes my heart hurt too. His friendship with Aria deepens even more in this one, and I really appreciate that. It is not a love thing at all, but shows the depths that you can care for someone without being IN love.
This series has worked its way into my top ten and maybe even higher. Aria and Perry's romance is up there with my favorite couples and the cast of secondary characters, esp Roar is there as well.
I appreciated the continuing world building in this one, especially a more detailed description of the aether. I can picture this world in my head and feel myself right in the story with the characters.
The pacing was great. There was always character development or action to keep things moving, and I almost wanted to press slow motion at times to savor the happy and together moments of Aria and Perry before the next impending disaster. Because you know there will be one.
While I of course am still craving more of this world and of Aria and Perry, I think that Through the Ever Night ended at a good spot and it didn't make me want to through my kindle because it felt like it stopped in the middle of a chapter, like some books do with cliffies. It was heart breaking though!!

Bottom Line: Loved it even more than the 1st. Perfection. Lots of character growth, swoon moments and heartache.
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