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A Fun, High-stakes Thrill Ride
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What I Loved:

There's no shortage of adventure in MONEY RUN. The plot twists and turns with every chapter. Readers who love books that give you very little down time will enjoy this story. There are spies, assassins, thieves, billionaires, rare cars, cops, gadgets, improvisation, chase scenes, and tremendously inventive ways to get out of situations.

The main character, Ash, is smart, calm, and thinks fast on her feet. She improvises well, and takes the kind of risks that would terrify most people. She also has a conscience, even though she's a thief, although not about stealing. She draws the line at having her actions cost people their lives. I enjoyed seeing each scenario through her eyes and then coming along for the ride as she found another creative way to avoid being killed, to escape from a captor, or to reach her goal.

What Left Me Wanting More:

There were several times when I couldn't quite get a visual for what was happening, and in a book that depends on constant visuals (escapes, chase scenes etc), that threw me off. I didn't always have my bearings in a scene and just had to accept that what was happening could actually work (sometimes I really don't think it could).

I also found there to be too many coincidences that worked in the characters' favor. Like Peachey needing a new phone and immediately passing by a woman who happened to be holding the exact same make and model phone as he needed. I wanted the characters to find smarter ways to get what they wanted.

Finally, this is a book that is very plot-driven, but is light on character development. Readers who love adventures more than character arcs will enjoy this story.

As a note: there were a few things in the beginning that were hard to swallow because the character motivation came out of nowhere (i.e. A billionaire confessing his secret plans to the teenage winner of an essay contest), but I reserved judgment until the end of the book, and the author managed to tie it all together in a way that made sense.

Final Verdict:

Perfect for younger YA readers or fans of Tokyo Heist and Mission Impossible, MONEY RUN is a fast-paced thrill ride that never lets up.
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