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Fast paced and couldn't look way even though I was confused. A lot.
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I went into book knowing not a whole lot except Mara was a good character and this book was highly recommended and well reviewed.
I came away from this book knowing being in Mara's head is an adventure I will not soon forget.
Michelle writing was great and I was constantly guessing what was going on. I didn't know if Mara was crazy if there was some paranormal aspect that I didn't know about or some other explanation. (Again, didn't look at genre and that just made it even more of an adventure.) I was confused at times, shocked at others, creeped out at spots and wondering about Mara but one thing I knew is: I didn't want to put down the book. I had to get to the bottom of what happened and what was going on.
I also couldn't get enough of the enigma that was Noah. Every time I thought I had figured him out, he would do something else that had me questioning again. But like Mara, I had to have more. Even knowing his bad boy personality and reputation, I couldn't look away. There were some breathtaking and hot scenes and I loved watching their banter and the chemistry.
I guess that I didn't rate this book higher since I was glued to the pages is because I am still confused. I will continue with the series at some point I am sure, but I still don't really understand exactly what was what, and what happened in this one.

Bottom Line: Fast paced and couldn't look way even though I was confused. A lot.
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