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It's Delirium, but from Hana's POV!
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After Lena and Hana have their evaluations and get matched, they start to grow apart and their relationship starts to deteriorate. In Hana's story, we get to see what Hana went through in Delirium.
Hana is a lot more outgoing, vibrant and free-spirited than Lena. She has been having her doubts about the cure and what is expected from her. Hana's life isn't as perfect as Lena made it out to be. Just because someone is more privileged, it doesn't mean that they don't have the same worries or dreams.
Hana and another school friend decide to check out these underground parties. She loves music. And, she meets a boy.
Does he love her? Has she been infected? Does she love him?
Will it be worth to lose herself in the disease?

I really liked being able to see what Hana went through while Lena was spending time with Alex and trying to figure things out for herself. It was great to see that Hana wasn't as perfect as everyone thought she was.

Hana should be read after Delirium. There is a lot that I wouldn't have understood if I read it prior to it.
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