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A Look at How Important Characters Are, Skin Deep's Missed Potential
The story starts with Andrea, a fifteen year old girl who makes it her mission in life to stay unnoticed. Just another girl with just another face going through the routines of life. To accomplish this, she has honed the skill of not engaging people. If you don’t talk to someone, don’t look them in the eye, then they won’t notice you. She is one craving for brains away from being a zombie.

Away from the public eye, Andrea has her Lean Cuisine meals with her mother and the soaps. Her father left years ago as did her only friend.

Andrea’s one love is dogs, a passion that has endured even through her mother’s refusals to get one. Instead of having an actual dog, she imagines she has a dog with her when she takes walks in the woods.

This all sounds like the promising beginnings of a coming of age novel. And usually that would be the case. But in the case of Andrea, it becomes an experience comparable to having your teeth pulled. Slowly. Her lack of character (no opinions, no passion, etc…) breeds a lack of caring. If I don’t care what happens to and around her, then no matter how exquisite the plot, it won’t engage me...

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