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Pivot Point (A Room with Books review)
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This books is just, uhm, wow. It's been a while since I've wanted something as intensely as I did in Pivot Point. I'm perfectly fine to go with the flow of a story, but when you have something to root for it definitely adds to the experience.

Since this is kind of a complicated book let's break it down. Also, it's my blog so I can do it for no reason anyway :P

Two Storyline Aspect
You'd think this would get a little confusing sometimes right? Well, yeah, it actually does sometimes. BUT, it's really not that bad since any confusion gets cleared up pretty fast as the two storylines are really different despite the fact that they contain a lot of the same characters.
At first I didn't really have a favorite. I was kind of leaning towards one, but wasn't particularly rooting for it. By the end, though, I'd not only changed my mind, but was rooting for it hardcore. And then the end happened and I'm still feeling conflicted (also confused. Can someone please explain it to me?)

Pivot Point has an great cast of characters.
Addie isn't exactly always likable, but it's not in an obnoxious way. I mean, she even admits she's whiny. Hey, if you can see your shortcomings then you're a step ahead of most paranormal girl leads. She's not all bad, though, she makes tough decisions when necessary and really cares about her friends.

All the side characters have full personalities and it's great. Addie's best friend never gets shoved to the side like so often happens and she isn't just comic relief. Laila (the BFF) is certainly funny, but that's not all she is. She's a pretty integral part of both storylines.
I loved Rowan. I know he was a little persistent, but it was kind of cute (in a slightly pathetic way.)

So get this, there's two guys, but there is NOT a love triangle. Since the two different guys are in separate futures, they don't even (really) know each other. Therefore, no love triangle just a love choice. And it's all Addie's since no one else knows about the futures she saw. [Sidenote: for those who have read it, the choice was totally unfair.]

The Nutshell: Pivot Point is an incredibly unique story with a great set of characters. If you, like me, see “paranormal” and immediately lose interest, don't fret. It's not your typical paranormal romance. Yes there's paranormal and yes there's romance, but there are no broody, dark guys or wimpy, needy girls. If you're looking for something original that will suck you in and give you something to root for then check out Pivot Point.

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