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Under the Never Sky
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Oh my god! I absolutely loved this book. Seriously this may have just become my new favorite book of 2012. I picked this up at the library due to the fact that I won an ARC of the sequel without realizing this book came first. And boy am I glad I won the sequel because I probably would never have discovered this amazing book. I am pretty new to the dystopia genre and every book I've tried recently I have loved, but this one just takes it to a whole new level. A sky that kills you? Yes please!

I loved the world in this novel. Outside of the pods that the dwellers live in the people who live on the outside, who the dwellers call savages, have little tribes and survive the best they can. It's a world that can one minute provide you with the food and water to sustain you and the next take your life. The people live in fear of the Aether and do their best to survive.

The characters were great and really likeable. Aria was a weak person in the beginning but quickly becomes a very independent and strong character. She's witty and sarcastic and doesn't take anybody's crap. There is also Peregrine. The outsider who appears rough and uncaring on the outside but harbors a deep need to help everyone he can and deals with a deep guilt that tears him apart. I fell in love with him, he's just so caring and strong and awesome. There is also his best friend Roar who we get introduced to near the end of the novel, he's sarcastic and funny and I think he loves himself but isn't obnoxious about it.

The plot of this story never slows down or gives you a minute to become bored. It's fast paced and packed with action. The struggles that the characters go through really tug at your heart and have you feeling the emotions they feel.

Do I recommend this novel? Yes, if you haven't read this one yet go out and get yourself a copy or borrow it from the library. You will not regret this novel.(
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