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“Bloodlines” as a series is filled with characters that are the casualties of Rose and Lissa’s happily ever after. Jill is in hiding and cannot have a normal Moroi life, because Lissa became queen. Adrian is left heartbroken and in a dark place, because Dimitri got the girl. Sydney is surrounded by the very creatures she was taught to hate as a sort of penance to the Alchemists, because she helped Rose. What I love about this story is that they began as casualties and they are quickly becoming the heroes of their own life. I don’t just mean technically, because they are the stars of their own series, but also thematically. These characters have evolved. They are not victims, but warriors. A different type of warrior from Rose, but they are warriors all the same.

There is a writing term called “Crossing the Threshold” which is when the hero commits to leaving their ordinary world and condition with unfamiliar values. “The Indigo Spell” is where Sydney crosses the threshold. Sydney has been taught intolerance her entire life. She has been trained to follow leader and programed to believe that vampires are bad. After the events of “The Golden Lily,” Sydney is a new person. She is now questioning her world. She has become close to vampires, has discovered magic and just following orders is no longer enough for her. Sydney has decided to make up her own mind and stop the alchemists from making it up for her. This leads to a dangerous, action packed and life changing adventure.

My favorite thing about “The Indigo Spell” is Adrian. Before you collectively roll your eyes and shout ‘of course,’ I should be clear. I did not like Adrian in “Vampire Academy.” I thought he was annoying, a party boy and I always felt that he pressured Rose into a relationship that she was not ready for. Most importantly he was not Dimitri. In Bloodlines, I am glad that he is not Dimitri. Sydney is so serious, someone like Dimitri would make these books unbearable. Adrian has the right combination of chill, loyalty and bravery to make his scenes with Sydney jump off the page. Most importantly we have seen a real change in Adrian. Richelle Mead has done a beautiful job in transforming him into the kind of man we can trust. The amount of bravery, chivalry and loyalty that Adrian exhibits in this book is astounding. I barely recognize him as the same guy who pursued Rose.

My only issue with TIS is Marcus Finch. He was just disappointing to me. I kind of saw him as this rebel bad boy warrior with irresistible charm and a head full of ideas. In a way he was all that, but I didn’t find him to be irresistible. I think I imagined him to be a human ex-alchemist version of Dimitri. I thought he would be a sleek, powerful, serious, slightly more mature than the other characters and an unstoppable force. I also expected him to threaten Adrian in my heart, but nope. I think that may be Marcus’ true problem. Adrian holds a place in my esteem that no one can threaten.

“The Indigo Spell” is my favorite book in the series so far. Why? For one thing, it is filled with action. There are break ins, fist fights, intrigue and many other thrills that could only really be found in the climax of previous books. The other great thing about this installment is that Sydney has stopped straddling the line and finally walks in a direction. She finally decides where her true loyalty lies and immediately jumps into action. Some of her actions are misguided and others had me cheering, still Richelle Mead has done a wonderful job of setting up “The Fiery Heart.”

This book is just fantastic. It is filled with romance in a way that “Vampire Academy” just never tapped into. Sydney is a lot more resistant to it than Rose & Dimitri were due to her alchemist beliefs, but some how Richelle Mead managed to write the sweetest scenes. This book will not only have you at the edge of your seat because of the dangers, but you will be waiting with bated breath for every mention of the name “Adrian.” It is absolutely amazing how quickly Adrian was able to go from ridiculous playboy to romantic hero. What I love about the characters in this series is that they are not your typical YA heroes. Adrian will never be Jace Wayland, or Dimitri. It is most likely that Sydney will have to do the rescuing most of the time and I love that Adrian knows this and it doesn’t bother him. I love that Sydney is not a powerful warrior or some kind prophesied witch. They are just Sydney and Adrian, nothing special and yet absolutely amazing.

This book is an absolute must read for every fan of the series and if you are a VA fan resistant to picking up the series it is really time that you did! Great things lie ahead.

Recommended for fans of “Bloodlines” and “The Vampire Academy,” fans of YA and anyone who likes a good urban fantasy/paranormal romance series.
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