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Background: Jade has just moved into a new home, however her parents did not tell her everything about it. Apparently a teenage girl died here, and some of her friends think it was more than an accident. Jade learns that the ghost of the girl still lingers and she wants revenge on her killer.

Review: Dead and Buried was way more than I expected it to be, it was a creepy mystery with paranormal elements and a good amount of attitude. Jade the main character is quarky and fits in with many crowds which I appreciated. She wasn't just he hot new girl but she had issues and fears like a normal person.

The storyline was nicely done. Creepy house, the site of a teenage death, I wouldn't want to live there, and Jade is on a mission to help the teen haunting her home. There were elements of mystery, romance, and a lot of conflict all around and it made for a good read.

The author cuts the chapters with pages to the dead girls diary, I thought that was fun and very revealing.

Why not 5 stars you ask? Well there were a few dislikes. I did not like that I guessed correctly about half way through the book who had done it. I also did not like the sense of possessiveness some of the male characters had over was weird and icky feeling.

Overall this was a great book, I had a few moments reading before bed that I realized I shouldn't read it before bed...a little too spooky. I had ups and downs with it, but it was a good book regardless of how fast I figured it out, hopefully it will surprise you!
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