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I'm not sure how I feel about this novel. It was an interesting plot and it kept me reading but I was not as excited to get to the end as other books I have read recently.

The characters are difficult to get a full grasp on since there is so much jumping around in time.

Jackson is the main character, which is refreshing for a teen live story- male POV, only he is a little obsessive about his girlfriend. He has the ability to time travel and the rest of the novel involves time jumping, trying to get back to the right time, and learning about his background. All of thus while fitting in a love story lost me a little.

This is the first of a trilogy- maybe it will make mire sense through the series.

Also- I'm my ARC I found a typo and that irks me because I wasn't even looking for any but this one confused me bc it changed the sentence completely.
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