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This is just your average boy meets girl, girl kills people story... Yes, you read right. Girl kills people as in minces them up. It was probably not a good idea to start this book at 10 at night...

Cas kills ghosts. He always has, and probably always will. He basically travels around the country, killing the nasties that go bump in the night and bother people. Bother, as in, kill them. Now, Cas, armed with his ghost-detector cat, his athame and his white-witch mother, has arrived in Thunder Bay to send off a particular nasty called Anna Korlov, more commonly known as Anna Dressed in Blood. It seems that Anna has been tearing, slicing, dicing, and basically mincing anyone who dares to venture into her house. Oh yes. Cas expects to dip in, hunt, and slip out, just as he's always done. But Anna is different. Anna is more powerful than any other ghost. And for some reason, he is the only person who has ever escaped her house alive.


Cas's real name is Theseus Cassio, and the story is told from his POV. At the start I thought that Cas was a bit conceited, and the girls were going a bit too googly-eyed at him,and he was a bit too proud of himself for my liking. There wasn't really any back story as to why only his family could use the athame, but I hope that we'll get some later in the series.

Okay, with the romance thing, seriously? I mean, Cas is going goo goo eyes over a dead girl? Yes, this is the girl who has black eyes, black veins running up and down her arms, a humongous neck wound that opens and makes her dress drip with blood, and who tears people in half? Okay, granted, she's not always like that, but still.

But the good thing is, at least Carmel and Cas didn't end up together. Thankyou, Blake, for not going down that much used, and very annoying path.


A little bit of backstory before I go on (don't worry, nothing important shall be revealed). Anna Korlov died in 1958, while going to a dance in her beautiful little white dress. Her throat was slit from ear to ear, and it was rumoured that her dress was soaked in blood, so that it wasn't white any more.

Sadly, Anna stopped being a gory, bloody, tears-people-in-half monster about halfway through the book, although I did love those horror scenes. My favourite parts in this books were probably the horror scenes. They had me looking under my bed and ogling my window before I went to bed. But sadly, the horror factor from Anna really only lasted for when we first met her.

Oh Anna, why couldn't you remain really scary? What I really wanted you to do, at least for a little bit, was run around, tear some people up, and generally keep me awake for a couple of nights. Instead, you had to transform into a sad little girl who I couldn't help but feel sorry for, even if you did...

And it was never explained why you didn't want to hurt Cas. Why is this kid so special? Again, I hope more will be explained later.

But other than that, I really liked Anna. She is both a monster and an innocent girl, a killer and a victim, and you can never totally figure her out. She is a really lovely, murdersome, difficult-to-figure-out ghost character/love interest.

This is a really awesome, gory story that I would definitely recommend, as long as you aren't scared of the dark or anything like that... Now I shall go and hide under my covers for a bit....
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