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Skin Crawling Thrill Ride
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Adrew Fukuda's writing is addictive. Fukuda takes us on a mind-bending and intense ride as readers trace back the history of this vampiric world. Prey gets off to an electrifying start; it is well paced and well plotted. The writing is clear and precise. It provides a lot of suspense and characterization without being too wordy or over powering. One favorite description puts it all into perspective, " Darkness, vicious as far, smeared in a thousand layers over my eyes." Fukuda magically weaves words together to creative a vivid image in the reader's mind.

The books opens as Gene, Sissy as e boys are on the run from the Heper Institute. Having barely escaped with their lives, they make their way down the river, seeking the sanctuary that the Scientist promised them was out there. Their journey is not an easy one. They are still being hunted. In a world where things are not always what they seem. Can they trust the Scientist? Will they find the paradise he promised?.

The Prey allows the readers to connect to the characters on a deeper level than in The Hunt, making this an incredible sequel. The plot is completely driven by a great assemble of colorful characters from our protagonists like Gene and Sissy , to new characters one just loves to hate.

The Prey is a truly enjoyable read. It takes a whole different approach to the vampire .genre's current trend and returns back to the traditional view of vampires with a new 21st addition. The two books aren't only about blood thirsty vampires; Fukuda also intertwines a few object lessons about humanity as well.The Prey is a never ending sequence of action and suspense;it will give the reader a thrill unlike any other they've experienced before.
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