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I have always been a sucker for assassin books, and so when this one mentioned assassins, I was like "yes!". Unfortunately, the assassin part is not all that prominent, and pretty much the whole book is spent with one of the main characters regretting his time as an assassin.

Okay, so, before I get into anything, let me just explain something. Everyone and everything has this kind of energy. When you see someone, that thing leaves a bit of their energy on you, which is why we remember stuff. There are four kinds of people. Normals, Sensors, Nulls and Nobodies. Normals are exactly what the name says: Normal. They have a normal amount of energy in them. Sensors are people who can either smell, feel, taste, hear or see those who have an overabundance or not enough of this energy. Nulls are the ones who have too much of this energy. They have no feelings, and people adore them. Nobodies don't have the energy at all, so they are always ignored, and even if they are standing right in front of someone, usually they won't register. Sorry if that was confusing.

Claire is a teenage girl, but no one seems to notice her. No matter if she's yelling in their face, or bumping into them, they just never seem to look at her. Even her parents need sticky notes to remind themselves of her existence.

Nix has been raised by the society. He's been trained to kill Nulls, and has taught that no one will ever remember him, or love him, or anything. One day he meets Claire, who can see him, which is really weird because he's a Nobody, and he's not meant to be seen. So Nix decides that she is not a Nobody and together they start to uncover the darkest secrets of the Society.

It seemed to me that the author tried a little too hard to remind us that Nobodies are not meant to be loved. We get it, ok? No need for the constant repetition.

I quite liked Claire. She was ok, except sometimes she had some pretty dumb thoughts. But I get her. I could understand her frustration of never being remembered, and all that.

I did not connect with Nix. I don't know why, I just didn't. He seemed too... bipolar. "I shouldn't touch her" then "I want to touch her" then "but touching in the fade is different". Would. You. Make. Up. Your. Mind. Already! And then he kept thinking "Oh, but nobodies can't be loved" and all that, and I was just thinking, "You idiot."

Onto the romance part of the story. I didn't really like this part. Insta-love, much? I mean, okay, if you had never had someone look you in the eye before and then suddenly this hot boy can see you, you are allowed to be curious. You are allowed to fall in love with said hot boy. It's kind of logical. But you don't fall in love with them five minutes after 1. he tried to kill you and then 2. tried to get you to kill him! It's not supposed to go from killing to laughing to making out to "don't touch me". And I hate it when someone *coughcough* Nix *coughcough* tries to push the person they love away "for their own protection" or because they "don't deserve the other person" or something like that. Ugh.

All in all, this was a pretty good book although there were a few parts that I think could've been done better.
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