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What I loved: Interesting concept, engaging characters and detailed world-building bring this Hunger Games/Maze Runner mashup to life. As a male MC, Gray Weathersby is equal parts strength and vulnerability and I enjoyed watching the story unfold through his eyes. Bree is badars, that is all! Emma is a strong character as well and doesn't let Gray get away with much which is good considering he tends to be rash and impulsive. It isn't the norm for a YA love triangle to revolve around the guy but this one offers a curious role reversal and the ending brings some closure while also creating interest in where the story will take these characters next.

What left me wanting: There are several plot twists, one of which wasn't much of a surprise to me and the whole idea of the slatings was a little unsettling for me. Emma wavered in her convictions which surprised, disappointed and confused me. I really hope her reasons are explained in book two.

Final verdict: Dystopian fans will enjoy this!
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November 09, 2013
I never really noticed how few male main characters there are in dystopian books, but it's kind of true. A male lead is definitely a nice change of pace.
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