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A teenage assassin, an intriguing world focused on the manipulation of energy and "The Society",a secret organization that needs to be destroyed before it destroys everyone, are all wrapped into one suspenseful tale.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes's book, Nobody is told in dual perspective with surprisingly easy transitions. The reader is able to quickly transition from character to character without getting lost. Claire and Nix are two very different people and together they have a dangerous mission to carry out; save themselves and possibly the world. They risk their lives to save others, even though nobody even notices them- nobody acknowledges their existence.

A world comprised of Nulls, Nobodies, and Sensors is fascinating. Nobody 's ability causes people to automatically forget about just saw and sometimes can’t seem to see them at all.What a wonderful ability for home grown assassin. Can you imagine going through life without the attention of another person, to be completely unnoticed and immediately forgotten?

The Null ability is scary;they can’t help but be noticed and desire power. They manipulate and destroy people who get in their way.

The Sensors can sense the presence of Nulls and Nobodies and usually have at least one enhanced sense. They are in charge of discovering Nulls and sending a Nobody to assassinate them. But are infallible- do they make mistakes?

The book starts off a bit slow, but by the end I couldn't put it down.The characters were interesting, but the best part of the story was the plot. The intrigue and suspense of Nix and Claire's investigation into the Society really drives the pace of the book.

I wanted to know more about Nix's background and the Institute. But a book that leaves me wanting more is not a bad thing. I definitely recommend Nobody to anyone who is looking for something new and different. For those of you who like a fast paced story with lots of unexpected plot twists, fun science fiction, mystery and adventure -this is the book for you.
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