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An Extra book !?!
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Wasn't expecting another book in the series but this was brilliant.

Things have changed in the world- whether it's for the better or worse depends on how you see it. What people care about is their face rank and who's invited to Nina Love's party. Aya is so obsessed with her face rank that she doesn't care about who her kicked story will affect. She's determined not to be an Extra.

I loved the Sly girl and i think they're really cool. I liked that they are different from everyone else and don't care about their rank. I would have loved this story better if the Sly Girls were shown in more depth.

I also loved that Tally was in the book. The book shows how other people saw her and what they think of her.
The Technology in this book was brilliant (and i wouldn't mind having one of my own.)
All in all , this was a good read.
Good job Scott!
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