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The Pledge is a fast-paced read that I feel many readers will enjoy. I really loved how dedicated some of the characters were. You don't really see so much loyalty in books or life anymore other than the undeserved romance dedication that a lot of teen books are buying into. But, Charlaina, or Charlie as everyone calls her was really dedicated to her sister. Charlie would have done anything for her sister, and she expected next to nothing from her. I also liked how Charlie's sister, never quite spoke, but the reader KNOWS she's going to before the book ends, so you just keep waiting for that moment. Or how Max's guards are ALWAYS looking out for his best interest. The only devotion that doesn't really make sense is Max's... Why does he like Charlie so much?

The description of the book is kind Charlie doesn't really escape in the "drug-filled underground club scene." Number one, the only drugs down there are the stamps, or at least those are the only ones mentioned in the book. Number two, she only goes to the club twice. And out of those TWO times she only wanted to go there ONCE.

But, the book had a lot of cool features that you don't see as much anymore. Like for instance, girls rule, like literally, as in the country. Cool, right? Throughout history people have always wanted a male heir, and now, a new thought. I also really liked the idea of the ability to understand all languages. I mean, that's a pretty big part of communication, and I'm glad someone thought of that...especially the non-verbal part.

The end still leaves you hanging a little bit. In a way, this book could stand alone, but if the author wanted to, she could make a sequel out of it and answer some questions. All in all, a good book, and I would definitely read the sequel.
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