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16-year-old Lizzie has a great boyfriend, and a great best friend, but when she lays eyes on the gorgeous newcomer at school, everything changes.

Lizzie tells herself that she wants nothing to do with the new boy Drew, but can’t help but feel jealous when her best friend Chelsea starts dating him; especially when her own boyfriend Jeremy seems to be changing in front of her eyes, and not for the better.

Something about Drew just draws Lizzie to him though, even when he tells her that they can’t be together. But love is stronger than friendship, and slowly draws them together regardless. It seems that Lizzie and Drew may have been together in a past life, but things ended badly.
Can Lizzie and Drew make their relationship work? And how many people will get hurt in the process?

I really enjoyed this book, although I felt there was less of the whole reincarnation thing than I expected.

Lizzie was such a sweet girl, and I loved the romance between her and Drew. I totally understood why she didn’t want to be with Jeremy anymore, and I felt that she totally did the right thing with being upfront with Jeremy about how she didn’t want to be with him anymore.
It was unfortunate the situation that Drew and Lizzie got themselves into though, if Drew had never gone out with Chelsea, it would have made things so much easier, and Lizzie wouldn’t have felt like she was betraying her friend quite so much.
I thought the romance between Drew and Lizzie was sweet, and I wished that things could have been simpler for them, but that was not the way it was ‘meant to be’.

I did think that less was made of the reincarnation thing than I expected, from what I had previously read about this book I had some vague idea that it involved righting past mistakes, but I now get that it was more about preventing them from making the same mistakes again, rather than going back in time to fix them. To be honest, the whole reincarnation storyline took a bit of a back seat to me as I just loved the book as a contemporary romance in its own right.

I did like the ending, although I can see that Lizzie and Drew are still going to have many more battles to face if they want to stay together.
Overall; a sweet YA contemporary romance. Highly recommended.
8 out of 10.
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