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'Hush, Hush' and Have Patience
(Updated: December 04, 2013)
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So when I got done reading Becca Fitzpatrick’s "Hush, Hush" I was left with one overriding question: Why in the heck is this thing called "Hush, Hush?" Nobody was quiet in this thing or ever shushed for that matter. I just really think this is a misnomer. To the book’s credit, however, the cover is fascinating, and any questions I was left with from the title were answered by the stunning graphics.

This book kept me hooked. You just know all along that something spiritual is about to happen eventually, and with that knowledge you just can’t put the book down. When the spiritual-ness does reveal itself, I was finally satisfied. The book definitely does deliver, but it just teaches the reader a lesson in patience. I need to learn to slow my roll every now and then and just have faith that the storyline will deliver, as it absolutely does in "Hush, Hush." Now I’m heading for the sequel.
Good Points
Great supernatural love story.
Suspenseful riding that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
Tiny, tiny teasers that let you know something big is bound to happen.
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