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(Updated: January 27, 2013)
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Lately I've been reading tons of dystopian novels with vamps. This is just a sign that if a novel is well written, it doesn't matter if the market is saturated with books with similar premises.

I have one word to say about THE PREY:


Well, make that three. This is one amazing tale. Nail biting tension that starts at the beginning and builds to an explosive climax. I swear I squirmed in my seat more than a few times. The book starts right where THE HUNT left off. Gene is on the run with Sissy and some others to find the magical place where vampires don't exist. Word has gotten out that the royal vampire family have a hidden human breeding farm. Yes, these vampires don't just settle for blood.

The fast pacing keep you turning the pages. I couldn't stop! Think Hunger Games meets vampires.

Razor sharp descriptions haunt you long after you finish this novel. I could see and hear what Gene goes through while on the run. Gene and the others end up finding a place hidden from the vampires. Rumor has it the scientist wanted them to find this place. But something is off. Gene and Sissy look to see what's really going. All the while Gene still feels guilt for leaving Ashley June behind.

There's so much that worked in this follow up novel. First, the imagines are so clear that I dare anyone not to squirm while reading it. This novel is a great example of what to do when writing a sequel without dumping tons of backstory at the beginning.

The chemistry between Sissy and Gene builds. I don't think it would have worked if the romance happened too fast. Especially since Gene still can't forget about leaving Ashley June behind.

Another thing that really worked was the whole premise of the gene mutation that caused humans to die off and turn them into vampires. These vamps are very bright and determined. The scene where they stalk Gene and the others is intense and very chilling. And yes, kind of disgusting too. These vampires won't give up and will continue the hunt even when the sun comes out. Hunks of their flesh melts and still they try to grab a human even when the sun rays turn them into a yellow goo.

The compound Gene and the others stumble on has some clues at what really waits for Gene and the others. The clues add up to a very haunting revelation that took me off guard.

This must read series should have a warning label: Not for the squeamish but guaranteed to grab you and not let you go.
Good Points
1. Nail biting tension throughout
2. I swear I squirmed in my seat more than once
3. Twists, turns and big reveal at end
4. Razor sharp descriptions that haunt you even after you finish
5. Think Hunger Games meets Vamps
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