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Something Like Normal is one of those books that drew out all the feelings and was just so wonderful. When I read it, I had been in a slump where nothing was really keeping my attention. That all changed when I opened Something Like Normal. I was instantly drawn into Travis's story.

Something Like Normal is a story that shows the importance of valuing your life and the people in it. It was really beautiful in that way. I loved Travis's way of telling his story - it was such a realistic POV. I was so emotionally attached to his story almost right off the bat. The relationship between him and Harper was awesome - I loved watching it grow.

I simply cannot imagine being in Travis's shoes. He puts on such a brave face and I cannot credit him enough for that. My heart just broke with this book. I had all the feelings and was just so affected by it. It is a story that will stick with me.

Harper is one of my favorite characters of all time I think - I loved that she is so real and genuine. She was just such a good person and I loved the quirky side of her. She volunteers with an organization and sea turtle nest sits - that would TOTALLY be me if I lived near the ocean.

The one thing I do wish is that Something Like Normal had been a bit longer. The story was so well done and I was so into the story and I just wanted to see a little more of Travis's story and what was happening with him. I loved the unique way Trish Doller did end the book. It was different and I really enjoyed it.

Something Like Normal is a stunning debut from Trish Doller. I absolutely cannot wait for her next book, Where the Stars Still Shine. If it is even a fraction of the awesome that was Something Like Normal, it will be amazing. Contemporary is a genre that is so much a hit or miss for me and Something Like Normal was a definite hit.
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