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(I was given a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Harlequin Teen and Netgalley.)

He spoke softly into my ear. “I should warn you, it’s a very dangerous kiss. It’ll change your life forever, so you have to want it.”

If I wasn’t feeling so flustered, I might have thought he was being cocky. I mean, please. A kiss that could change my life forever?

17-year-old Sam can’t believe what’s happening when a crush from her past turns up at her local club – Crave, and starts to show an interest in her! Sam isn’t the prettiest girl ever, in fact she thinks she’s rather ordinary looking with her brown eyes and long brown hair, and she doesn’t usually attract a lot of attention. But Stephen’s kiss does something strange to her, and now she’s constantly hungry, and boys are suddenly looking at her in a new light.

Coming across a despondent looking boy on the streets she stops to see if she can help, and finds herself mixed up in something weird. She thought he was just a kid living on the streets, but when he pulls a shiny gold blade and stabs another kid who is rooting around in the garbage, she screams and runs.

Sam’s world has been turned upside down though – she eats and eats but never feels full, she’s sure she saw the kid who got stabbed, alive and lurking outside her school, and she’s strangely drawn to the boy with the golden blade who called her a ‘gray’.

What did Stephen’s kiss do to her? Who or what is the boy with the golden dagger? And what in heaven or hell is a ‘gray’?

I really enjoyed this book. Right from the beginning I was totally sucked in to Sam’s life and the difficult position she was put in, and didn’t want to put this down!

Sam is still reeling from her parent’s divorce, and the fact that she got caught shoplifting recently. The shoplifting was just something she did because she wanted to feel in control of something, and it was really out of character for her. Generally Sam keeps to herself, and spends time with her best friend Carly. Meeting Stephen at the club and him being interested in her was too good to be true really, which she soon realises. As much as Stephen thinks that what he has done to her will help her, she’s sure she knows better.

Meeting Bishop – the guy with the gold dagger, was possibly coincidence, possibly something more, but Sam knows that she should help him. Only when she’s touched him does she realise that he’s something more than a regular kid, and that she is possibly more than just a regular kid too.

The romance between Sam and Bishop was sweet and forbidden, and there was the constant tension of whether or not they would give into their temptations and kiss, even when they didn’t know the consequences of their actions.

There are also lots of fun secondary characters – both good and evil, and plenty of twists in the tale that I really didn’t see coming!
Overall; this was a great, YA, paranormal read, and I can’t wait to find out what happens next!
8 out of 10.
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