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A Book that will have you doubting the original.
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When You Were Mine is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet in the modern times, but with a twist. Rosaline (Rose) is living a great life at her High school with her wonderful boyfriend, Rob, until her ex-best friend Juliet arrives. Immediately Juliet and Rob start hanging out and Juliet once again gets everything she wants.

When You Were Mine was as expected, really good. In fact, it was great. Even though I knew how most of the story would play out (Rob would fall in love with Juliet, and then they would both die) I was still surprised when and where and how all of it happened. The book really took you into the world of the "lovers.'"

The book was so good, that in fact, in the end, I had this moment where I thought that Romeo and Juliet was nonfiction, and that Shakespeare really did get the story wrong. And I kept thinking to myself "What if he was wrong? What if he was completely wrong, and this was how the story was supposed to be?" Which is CRAZY. And I FELT a little crazy for a moment. But, I got so into the book, that I almost wanted that to be how the story went. And I WANTED Juliet to be the bad guy.

All I have to say is thank God I Romeo and Juliet was never my favorite. But, before you go and judge me, I DO like Shakespeare.
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