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Taken at Dusk picks up with our ferocious main character, Kylie Galen as she still is trying to figure out what she is, and who she's into. She thinks she's finally going to have her answers when her grandparents come down to visit the camp. But, she soon realizes that they are not her grandparents and they have been sent from someone to spy, or possibly kill her. Add the frustration of Derek and Lucas. Kylie still isn't sure which boy her heart is telling her to be with. On one hand, Derek seems to get her, but then his past mistakes are keeping the tension high between them and she doesn't know if she should, or even could forgive him. But then Lucas, the hot and steamy one, that's she's known since she was younger is clearly into her, if only she could figure out if she was into him...and then there's the whole werewolf issue...and Fredricka. Bleh. She's as nasty as ever. But, if all of that wasn't enough! She still has Mario (who is trying to kill her), and Red (who is obsessed with her, and kidnap her or possibly kill her if she tells him she's not into him). Can a girl get a break?

Clearly there is a lot going on in this book. The book is action-packed from the front all the way until the back. Some problems don't get completely solved, but in real life most problems don't get resolved immediately. If you don't read this book you will definitely miss a few things.

To Sum it All Up: To me, this book seemed different then the others in the series. It seemed like every page was either action or character development. The book had a lot of surprising turns but not far-fetched. The characters drew me in more so than usually. I went in knowing exactly which "team" I was on, and by the end, I wasn't so sure. And I strictly remember hating one or two characters in the beginning, convinced they were on team evil, and by the end, my prespective of them had completely changed. And as the series goes on you expect that. No, you deserve that.
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