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Our Journey continues with the main protagonist, Dancia (which until recently I thought was Danica...), and her friends as they try to uncover the mysteries about their school. Dancia still struggles with her love interests, Jack and Cam, and she knows she must make a decision. She likes dating Cam, but she still misses her best friend Jack.

The action and suspense still continue as Dancia gets more and more powerful and has to go into training after an attack by a gang. Dancia is pushed to the limit and her powers grow beyond what anyone had expected. The academy still has some issues, and as she discovers some of their secrets, she must choose a side...even if neither feels right.

Dancia has come a long way from being scared to use her powers, to being confident enough to excercise her powers. But, her character development was nothing compared to her friends. Most of the characters in the first novel are present in the sequel, so you really have a chance to see them develop after already having time to get to know them. I really enjoyed reading about Anna and Ethel. We get to see another side of both of these characters and their development makes them stronger. I look forward to reading about them in the next book in the series.

And Jack.... What to say about Jack. Jack makes small appearances, where all it seems he does is add suspense and make you question everyone else. I don't feel like I got to know Jack as well as I could have until the end. And then in the end, I was just thinking "WHAT? That was kind of abrupt."

To Sum It All Up: Like most books in a series this book has a small case of the "middle book syndrome." Middle books in a trilogy, or even a series, tend to not be as interesting as the first book. They mostly just prepare for the next book (which is usually the end in the series). I'm not quite sure whether this book is in a series, or in a trilogy. The book was good, but not great. And that was expected. Even with that being said, it still is a very fast read.
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