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I made a promise to Jessi Kirby after I finished Moonglass that I would read anything she published. And so that's how my journey with In Honor started.

After about twenty pages, I told myself I wouldn't be able to finish the book, but didn't quit reading the book (just in case). By page thirty or so, I thought Jessi had just lucked out with Moonglass. But, by the time I made it to page fifty or so, I didn't regret continuing my journey.

In Honor starts off as a slow read about a girl, Honor, who discovers that her brother has just died in the war and now she wants to make one last road trip for him. She brings Rusty, her brother's friend, and they take all of the hard times together.

Road trips aren't really my thing, but this particular road trip was more interesting than I had originally expected. The main character grew throughout the novel and learned a lot about herself and her brother.

The ending was almost a disappointment. The ending wasn't how I would have ended the book, but it was more realistic that way. I was mad at the author for about the last two pages until maybe the last paragraph or so. And then I realized the ending was going to be perfect.

To Sum it All Up: I look forward to Jessi Kirby's other works. The characters were interesting and the plot picked up the pace after the first couple of chapters.
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