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Enchanted Is Enchanting
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Enchanted is, like its namesake, enchanted.

In the beginning, I hadn't really known what to expect from Enchanted. I was intrigued by a pretty cover, and a new name with endless possibilities. Alethea Kontis doesn't disappoint. Enchanted is a magical experience that incorporates many fairy tales. I personally, love fairy tales, especially the ones with a different spin on them.

Enchanted starts off mostly as a different spin on The Princess And The Frog, but more tales show up the longer you read. As expected after the first couple of pages, the rhyme, Monday's Child, is incorporated into the story. The main character, Sunday, is the seventh child, and her older sisters are named after the previous days of the week, respectively.

I hadn't expected to enjoy Enchanted as much as I did, mostly because of the book and not the novel itself. The novel is brilliant. But, the way the book is bound, and published, is almost laughable. The header, and the font size almost discouraged me from reading the book. But, I made it to the end very happily.

I will be checking out more books from Alethea Kontis.

To Sum It All Up: Check out Enchanted if you can. The writing is beautiful, the characters are interesting, and the plot has unexpected twists.
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