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I couldn't wait a minute longer to start Hemlock, by Kathleen Peacock. I was so excited to read into this world where werewolves were not only part of the plot, but the people in the book KNEW they existed. That is what makes Hemlock so different than all of the other werewolf stories. In most books, you have to go through the main character coming to a completely obvious realization that some "hot, dark, and brooding guy" is the werewolf. Because in most books, that is exactly how the werewolf is described.

There were some things in the book that I wasn't completely sure whether I liked or not. The love triangle is one. But, this one is a bit different. Normally, the main character (a girl) can't decide between these two guys that she's never met before and she makes her decision (which isn't usually a decision) based off of a month of knowing both and which one she thinks looks better. But, Hemlock is different. The main character has actually known both guys (Jason and Kyle) for three years. Jason was always dating her best friend (until she was murdered), but had harbored a secret crush on the main character (Mac). Kyle has been in a previous relationship and hasn't been able to tell Mac how he really feels about her. But the real reason the love triangle didn't fail was because Mac actually picked. The main character actually makes a decision (before the eighth book in the series).

The plot was engaging and I really like the mystery aspect in the book. It was a refreshing tale in a different kind of world.

To Sum it All Up: Hemlock isn't my favorite book in the world. But, I did enjoy it, and I will continue reading the trilogy.
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