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Dragonswood Is Different
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Dragonswood was a surprisingly good book. I had mixed thoughts about whether it would be good. The description is semi-horrible. Don't read the descrption, just open the book and read.

I won't say I was captivated by page one, but definitely page two. Page one is a brief history about the world you are about to dive in, and then from page two to about 150, there is nonstop thrillrides and intrigues. And then it slows until about two hundred. Which it then proceeds to pick up pace all the way unttil the end.

There were a lot of surprises abut Dragonswood. I won't say that I was completely offguard by them, but some were a LITTLE surprising. Which is good. Because if each surprise in the plot is TOO farfetched, then the reader doesn't believe there was any way it could have happened. You know?

I think one thing that REALLY surprised me was the characters. I really like a lot of the characters. Although at times it seemed like the main character, Tess, was immature but not so much that it took away from the story.

Another aspect that really intrigued me was the absence of Vampires and Werewolves. The mythical creatures present in this novel were fairies and dragons. An odd combination if you ask me. But, they worked well in the story together. The little rhyme in the beginning really brought the whole story together.

To Sum it All Up: Don't read the description; just read the book. The characters are likable, and the plot is different.
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